Refund Policy

All transactions are final, and any adjustments to donations and refunds will be up to the sole discretion of Baruch SLS (“Baruch Senior Ministries,” “we,” “us”).

1. Campaign changes

It is possible that a campaign you donate to may not be able to use your funds. For instance, a campaign may not use its expected budget, resulting in a surplus. Or, a campaign may fail to raise enough money to begin a project. In the unlikely event that a campaign is unable to use your funds, your funds will be allocated to another campaign; you will not be refunded the funds. We will always keep your funds with the same facility when possible, and we will do our best to shift them to the most similar campaign within that facility. This decision is made at the discretion of Baruch Senior Ministries.
Baruch Senior Ministries is not obligated to notify you if this process occurs. If you have reason to believe that your funds may have been allocated elsewhere, you may contact us to recommend another campaign which you would like the funds to be donated to. We will not issue you a refund, nor are we obligated to allocate the funds to your recommended campaign, but we will always do our best to satisfy your wishes as a donor.

2. Errors

If you think you or the web-page has made an error during the online donation process, feel free to contact us to discuss the matter. Though we are in no way obligated to make adjustments to the donation, we may at our own discretion make accommodations if we determine that the error is genuine. This decision is left to the sole discretion of Baruch Senior Ministries, and you are in no way necessarily entitled to a refund. We will make every attempt to be reasonable and fair.

3. Recurring Donations

Should you set up a recurring donation, you are responsible for making changes to it or cancelling it if you desire to do so. By submitting a recurring donation, you recognize that Baruch Senior Ministries will continue to deduct the specified amount from your credit/debit card or your bank account at the interval of time you designate, until the point in time where you modify/cancel the donation. We will not refund a recurring donation because you forgot to cancel/modify it.
Recurring donations can be easily modified at any time by logging on to your “Kindful” user account ( On the dashboard, it will display any recurring donations you have set up, which you can click to modify. If you or the web-page has made an error in the setup of your recurring donation, or if you for some reason are unable to cancel/modify your donation, please contact us. Refer to Section 2 for our policy on error corrections.